About EU Halal Poultry

EU Halal specialises in the production of 100% stun free halal poultry according to our customers preferences to both the traditional and mainstream European and International markets.

With over 20 years of customer focused experience the company stands today in Poland as a halal producer. Distributing both nationally and all over Europe (France, Belgium, Scandinavia, Germany and more) , we provide halal products to the retail, wholesale, catering and fast food industries.

We are recognised in Europe and are working towards building a network of reliable distributors in order to make genuine halal products easily available for the Muslim consumers. If you would like to join our distribution team then please contact us.

Located in Poland the family owned business operates from a modern independent plant, fully committed to providing 100% halal poultry products.

For greater transparency and tranquillity of the client, EU Halal only works with independent and serious certification bodies.

EU Halal is proud to introduce itself as the first fully Muslim owned slaughterhouse in Poland and request the support of the Muslim Ummah to work in long term partnership with EU Halal. EU Halal has been supplying true halal since the early 90s, we are committed to providing the highest quality of service to our customers.

Our Halal products and services are in strict accordance with Islamic Shariah requirements. We guarantee transparency and trace-ability for all our stun free products. EU Halal is the first & only Muslim owned, halal production plant in Poland and ensures that our products reach our customers in the highest standards and satisfaction.

Eu Halal Poland
Eu Halal Poland


Our aim is to become a leader in providing 100% genuine halal products. We want to instill confidence in the halal market and satisfy the halal consumers through our strict conformity to the halal principles and standards aswell as current EU laws. We aim to achieve this with the great team spirit that is driving us forward and through the investments we have made in our new slaughter house in Poland and our plans for the future inshallah.

EU Halal guarantees the Muslim Ummah, what they are consuming is 100% Halal. 

EU Halal has no objection in working in partnership with any halal accreditation body. We welcome and are grateful to the hard work these bodies and the scholars invest into making sure that the halal trademark is protected. We aim to be the best and so therefore we work closely with the halal and national accreditation bodies. We are proud to announce that we are also BRC accredited.

Please contact us if you would like to book a meeting or a visit to our factory and see for your self the halal production taking place. The nearest airports to us are Wraclow, Lodz and Poznan

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